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    Wood Crafts Developing Project of the Catholic Kwandong University


The Catholic Kwandong University is developing technology and material Fusion Type Wooden Craftworks in carrying out ‘the RIS(Regional Innovation System) Industries Fostering Project’ selected by the MOTIE(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), and is pushing forward R&D, design support, craftsman training, and network organizing, to activate local economy and to industrialize craftworks.

Craft industry is the original source of creative industry with the identity of local culture and the future design element. And, it is the higher value added new growth engine industry inked to green industry, cultural tourism, design creation as the 21st century knowledge-culture-based industry.

The traditional craft industry is the creative and cultural business that shapes up and applies creative ideas to real life, with artistic and cultural features to represent and succeed to the national identity.

As carring out this project, we will make the economic value added and contribute to the prosperity of local area, through developing wood craftworks from the original culture factors like culture, resources, or lifestyle, in Yeongdong region as natural tourist attractions.

General Manager

Jung, Jae-guk   정재국