• Result & Effect

    Competitiveness and Productivity Improvement

Result & Effect

High-end Goods Strategy
  • Developing new strategic high-end products to commercialize luxury wooden craftworks by operating the industry-academy relation program between craft master and univercity.
  • Producing high-end artworks containing an well-mixed story with tradition, high-tech, and local culture
Competitiveness and Productivity Improvement
  • Securement of qualitative superiority of products by technology, design, and marketing support
  • Securement of price superiority by simplificatng distribution to cost down
  • Full use of human resource in design center to develop various items for establishment of a few items and diversification policy, leads to marketing superiority
Direct and Indirect Job Creation in the Region
  • Structuring clustered craft street will result in tourism booming, region revitalization, and incomes and employment increase.
  • New technology adoption and manpower training will raise the business margin of profit, job creation, and local craft industries activation.
Local economy vitalization
  • Theme craft town experience program will develop to the unique tour item as blended with local culture.
  • Activation of tourism and local economy through elevating competitiveness of local craft culture and local business