• Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative

    Group of the Glass Crafts Artists

  • Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative

    Glass Crafts put new power into Dogye, Samcheok, closed mine area

  • Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative

    Splendid Glass Crafts with infinite imagination and personality

Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative (DGCC)

Foundation  2014. 5. 23
Add.   Dogye-ro 31, Dogye-eup, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
Tel.   82. 33. 541. 6259
Members Kim Sungha(Representative), Kim Sumi, Kim Jiyeon, Park Kyungok, Yoon Hyemi, Jang Kyunghwa, Jang minho, Hong Sungkil

about Dogye Glass

Group of the Glass Crafts Artists
Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative

Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative is the only Glass Crafts Artists group in Korea, which is made up of local artists living in Dogye Glassvill in Samcheok. The glass crafts is open to anyone, but it is not common and its materials are difficult to obtain. Some personal ateliers for the such rare glass crafts organized the Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative last year.

It’s unusual for glass artists to launch a brand in Korea.

Glass Crafts put new power into Dogye, Samcheok, closed mine area

The famous coal mine area Dogye, Samcheok, has got a name of glass crafts since 2009. Coal mine muck became glass materials, which lead to Dogye Glassvill in this area.
As Dogye Glassvill founded because of glass from muck, the local people began to learn glass crafts. And then they set up their personal atelier one after another, and made art works. Moreover, they opened some glass crafts experience programs to tourists and made great efforts to introduce glass crafts.
Glass crafts creating employment of local residents gave a birth to DGCC.

In the past, coal lead the industry of Korea, and nowadays, glass crafts from coal mine muck is leading local economy again.

Splendid Glass Crafts with infinite imagination and personality

It is the charming point of glass crafts to create everything in your mind. Glass crafts artists produce the unique artwork in the world with infinite imagination and personality, from accessories to interior products to use in real life. They make full use of various skills. Lampworking is to heat and melt glass at 1,300℃ and to shaping accessories with tongs and pincers. Glass sanding is to attach adhesive sheeting on which letters or pictures are drawn with knife, scissors, etc. onto transparent glass surface and to spray sands with high pressure to grind glass surface. Fusing is to cut glasses apt to expansion rate, to form desired shape, and to heat to stick each other.

Dogye Glass Crafts Cooperative can offers both purchasing glass artworks and experiencing glass crafts oneself.

Glass meets Wood

It’s the features of glass to be twinkling and to have colorful beauty, but to be fragile. Such glass met wood. The texture of wood has different feel to that of glass. The mix of two makes another feeling crafts. Glass and wood make up for the weak points each other, stability to fragile glass and splendor to clumsy wood.

It’s a rebirth of a sort of hybrid artwork that the refined and modern feeling of glass meets the traditional and rough feeling of wood.

Visions of DGCC

  • Making the Glass Crafts Street for the development of closed mine area
  • Developing the Glass Crafts Tour programs and services with creativity
  • Making the contents of urban-rural exchange between visitors and residents
  • Making the hybrid artworks of glass and wood to create a synergy effect
  • Introducing Dogye and Samcheok to the world through glass crafts
  • Re-Booming the regional economy and Designing the future of this area with all residents


2015 ‘Tokyo International Gift Show’ participation (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 ‘GTI International Trade Fair’ participation (Gangneung)
2013 ‘Craft Trend Fair’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
2012 ‘Living Fair’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
‘Jewelry Exhibition’ participation (EXCO, Daegu)
2011 ‘Design & Living Fair’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
2010 ‘Glass Windows and Doors’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
2009 ‘Seoul International Promotion Items and Household Items’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)

2009~ Other Activities
‘Yeongwol Danjong Cultural Festival’, ‘Samcheok Lifelong Learning Festival’, ‘Yeoju Ceramic Expo’,
‘Samcheok Isabu Saja Park Workshop Exhibition’ participation Tourists Experience Activity
Education of Local Communities (The Community Child Center, The Center for the Disabled,
After School Learning, Lifelong Learning, etc.)
Free Experience Program for the residents in closed mine area and Local discount


Exhibition of glass crafts product and operation of sales shops in many tourist attractions (Isabu Saja Park, Daegeum Cave, Gungchon Rail Bike, Taebaek Station, Dogye Glassvill, and Special Product Market in Kangwonland, etc.)
Operation of Glass Crafts Experience Program in Isabu Saja Park, Gungchon Rail Bike, Dogye Glassvill Production of custom-made crafts
Provision with souvenirs like mobile phone ring, key ring, tie sling, etc. for the school or public orders