in which your idea becomes your life.


    ‘Silgaram’, the Future and Hope from Nature


Foundation 2009.07
Add. Annex 203, Samcheok Business Incubation Center, Kangwon University, Jungang-ro 346, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Tel.   82. 33. 575. 3745
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about Sicher Plan

Sicher Plan, in which your idea becomes your life.
Safer, Cozier, and More Special!
Sicher Plan’s Products are UNIQUE.

‘Sicher Plan’ is quoted as company name from German ‘Sicher’ that means ‘Safety.’ Like the name, Sicher Plan, as a safety-specialized company for the safety of customer, produces daily supplies, office supplies, and safety supplies, including ‘Guiding Light Device of Emergence Exit Door Knob’ for the evacuee in fire emergency. So, it makes them to reduce the inconvenience of daily life and to think over safety. Especially, safety plug ‘CURY’ is the major safety item that has a separable lever for preventing from inconveniences and accidents when putting a plug in the consent and out.

The mind and spirit of Sicher Plan are wholly dedicated to the safety and convenience of customer, and it appears in every products. After careful observation of very small and unnoticed inconvenience, we study and develop new products of use and design with twinkle ideas, which is the main competence of Sicher Plan.

Nowadays, ‘Eco-Friendly’ is more and more Important.
‘IT ITEM’ for Safety & Style!

Entrepreneurship of ‘Sicher Plan’ for the customer’s safety naturally leads to the development of ‘eco-friendly’ goods. As the worth of ‘hardwood’ increases because of harmful endocrine disruptor, Sicher Plan strives only for daily and office supplies with hardwood.
‘Silgaram’ is the new eco-friendly brand that Sicher Plan added the ‘Steam Punk’, combining pipes for plumbing, to eco-friendly material ‘Wood’. ‘Steam Punk’ means an SF genre based on the Industrial Revolution age of Europe to use steam engine usually, which mix hardwood and steel to present antique and modern feelings. So, it already gathered a lot of manias.
‘Silgaram’ items, including new design and functionality with unique ideas of Sicher Plan, have the antithetical concepts like warmth and coolness, emotion and reason, and classic and modern, so that they are very effective to express strange but charming space. Especially, they were made assembled without any bond but hardwood and screw bolts for joining pipes so as to save the unique feelings of raw materials from chemical treatment, therefore do not any harm of endocrine disruptors.

‘Silgaram’, the Future and Hope from Nature

The brand name, ‘Silgaram’ is a compound word of ‘sil’ meaning thin and ‘garam’ to big river in original Korean, also implies ‘Siljikguk(悉直國)’ that was the old name of Samcheok. As a small stream gathers to big rivers and seas, it presents the iron will of Sicher Plan to expand to the world through try and errors, challenges, and fusions.
We Sicher Plan will create new ideas eternally, do challenges permanently, and dream future endlessly, as a BIG RIVER.

Anyboy Thinks, and Nobody Acts.


History & Works

2014. 8 ‘Power Plug Design’ patent application
2014. 7 ‘Easy-separable Plug’ utility model registration
2014. 3 ‘Straw of blocking back-flown material and Back Flow Breaker of Foreign Object’ patent registration
2013. 11 ‘Venture Company Certification’ acquisition (KIBO)
‘Industrial-Academic Cooperation Technology Development Project’ citation awarded from the chairperson of The Korea Industrial-Academic Research Association Corp.
2013. 9~12 ‘BI Incubation Competence Reinforcement Project’ ’Safety Plug’ designation
2012. 9 ‘Gangwon Venture Start-up Festival’ Excellence awarded
2012. 7 ‘Safety Plug’ patent registration
2012. 6~2013.5 ‘Industrial-Academic Cooperation Technology Development Project’ selected (Indoor Safe Evacuation Sytem)
2012. 5 ‘Multipurpose Writing Utensil Cradle’ utility model registration
2011. 9 ‘Early Fire Witness Guiding Light Device’ patent registration
2011. 6~2012.5 ‘Industrial-Academic Cooperation Technology Development Project’ selected (Safety Plug commercialization)
2010. 8 ‘BUGS LIGHT’ trademark registration
2010. 5 ‘2010 Export-specialized Company Fostering Project of The Small and Medium Businesses Distribution Center’ selected
2010. 4~7 ‘Start-up Consulting Support Project of The Small and Medium Business Administration’ selected
2010. 1 ‘SICHER PLAN’ plant registration
2009. 8 ‘Venture Company’ certified
2009. 7 ‘SICHER PLAN’ founded
‘Guiding Light Device of Emergence Exit Door Knob’ patent registration
2009. 3~2010.2 ‘Preliminary Technology Start-up of The Start-up Promotion Agency supported by The Small and Medium Business Administration’ selected