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    Wood Story Adds New Ideas To Crafts

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    Meeting of the Classical and the Modern, Bringing the nature itself

Wood Story Wooden Furniture Cooperative

Foundation  2014. 8. 21
Add.   Chogu-gil 23, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do, Korea
Tel.   82. 33. 534. 3399
Mem. Park Taeil (Rep.), Park Seonggi, Park Yeonggook, Lee Sooha, Choi Geunju

about Wood Story

Some students, educated by wood crafts master Jegal Jeho invited as a tutor of RIS Wooden Furniture Industry Fostering Project Group of The Catholic Kwandong University in 2013, began to make pieces for themselves. So, they need common workplace, and then five members who kept own personal workshop established The Wood Story Wooden Furniture Cooperative.

Park Teail(Rep.) of ‘Sumiwood’, Park Seonggi of ‘Carpenter’s shop’, Choi Geunju of ‘Eco-Vision’, Lee Sooha of ‘Workshop SOO’, and Park Yeongguk of ‘Wood Park’ made up of the cooperative and worked together or alone sometimes.

They got an idea from Master Jegal Jeho that crafts meets nature, so that they can produce a high value product from common woods, while cannot make use of it in the past.

Plentiful Woods Resource in Gangwon-do To a High Value Product

Gangwon-do is short of tour items and souvenirs, while there are a lot of food items. So, We will make plentiful woods tour items. We can produce eco-friendly products almost artwork by rich woods resource in Gangwon-do.

Some twigs of lightwood can be reborn as artworks by being added new idea. Phone cradle, key ring, etc. are made of twigs, birch vase comes from rough branches, and indirect lighting article is originated from rotten wood of antique furniture.

Wood Story Wooden Furniture Cooperative makes almost-wasted wood materials high value and eco-friendly products.
We mixed formal and informal wood materials to wood crafts products to keep the original form and feeling. Besides, we put steel or light fixture into wood materials for the modern style wood crafts articles, which drew good response from clients.

Wood Story Adds New Ideas To Crafts

We cut the surface of branches to develop wooden tiles with original patterns, and exploit new area of wood crafts. In case of bed, we set wooden tiles into the head of it so to put the name or symbol of client, like a tree containing the affection of a couple, a story of a long-lived tree, through make-to-order process.

Also, Wood Story developed a wooden pen based on Geumgang pine tree and yew, which Gangwon-do is proud of. It can be a good souvenir item for The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Meeting of the Classical and the Modern,
Bringing the nature itself

It’s your own furniture to assimilate with nature on combination of the beauty of classic and the refined modern, Wood Story make wood crafts pieces by traditional mix-and-match way as possible.
For saving the original quality of hardwood, we don’t use bond or nails, but if necessary and inevitable, use eco-friendly bond to do no harm to human health.
Wood Story make use of traditional mix-and-match way to save natural hardwood, so minimize to use artificial devices, however wood crafts articles have some ideas, stories, and personalities.

By Provision of Nature, To Make Artworks Not Products

Wood Story is bothered about sales growth of fast production, but seeing the future it works slowly like provision of nature. While easy to use glued laminated wood or plywood, we purchase hardwood and work with eco-friendly bond or mix-and-match way in order not to use chemical materials.
So as the price of artworks is some high, customers know it and grant a value.

When making a cutting board, we think over and over for the feeling of grip and revise and improve. Customers are not noticed at first, but the more use, the more feel the fine difference, and then fall into charm.

It’s an artwork, not a product. That’s the very craftsmanship of Wood Story.


Members got lessons from not only the master Jegal Jeho but Ah Hyungman, the master of lacquerware and an important intangible cultural property. Therefore, we will develop various hardwood crafts with traditional lacquerware and health functional products.
Also, we want to participate in the souvenir business of The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. In addition, we hope to introduce and inform Gangwon-do to the world, by making good wood crafts artworks from woods resource of Gangwon-do.


2015 ‘Living Desigh Fair’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
2014 ‘Crafts Trend Fair’ participation (KOEX, Seoul)
2014 Wood Crafts Specialist Course Passer’s Start-up Exhibition (Donghae, Gangneung)

Works (2015)

Hand-made wooden pen (high-grade yew ballpoint pen) 100 pieces to The Ganwon Provincial Council
Hardwood tray (ash tree) 500 pieces to Donghae-si Fisheries Cooperatives